The Dig Pig Silencer.. The best Hydrovac Nozzle?

The Groove Builder's review and video testimonial to our very own Silencer Nozzle. Digging deep into the world of Hydrovac nozzles! πŸ’¦ Join us as we put the Ripsaw, Machete, and Silencer head-to-head, testing their digging prowess. Which nozzle will reign supreme in our excavation showdown? Find out now! #hydrovac #hydrovacnation #DiggingDeep #showdown #construction ♬ Beast Mode - ROKKA
@digpigproducts COMING SOON at Dig Pig Products Inc Sneek peek! The Tool Grabber made by DIG PIG! SPEC AND BENEFITS… β€’ No more annoying and awkward pins to lose or handle. β€’ Patented holders that will never let go of its grip on any off-road terrain. β€’ Built for many applications like tools, wands, lances, wash guns, strong bars, shovels etc... β€’ Will last for many years!. β€’ Made from anodized aluminum, stainless steel hardware and heavy duty rubber. β€’ Easy loading and extracting. β€’ NEVER to rust or create corrosion. β€’ Bottom wand/lance pockets allow your wands to never sit in mud and always drains to prevent nozzle plugging from debir and ice build up in winter conditions. β€’ Helps your tools last long. β€’ Easy to clean. β€’ Helps keep your cabinets/ mobile units scratch free, keeping unit values longer. β€’ Helps save space in your cabinets and walls. β€’ Very Strong and firm mounted. β€’ Comes in four different colors. β€’ Looks very professional. β€’ Save time on site setups and site clean ups. β€’ Keeps you from replacing of lost /broken clips, pins and hooks on old traditional mounts. β€’ Mount anywhere/ or in any mobile unit with min space needed! β€’ Best on the market and strongest on the market. β€’ Available in 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 tool/wand holders configurations. β€’ Comes with wall mount, mobile unit mounting and floor mount hardware. Coming Soon to only authorize Dig pig Dealers! Follow this page for even more product launches, Giveaways and much much more soon! #nozzle #hydrovac #vaclife #hydrovacnation #vactruck #vacuum #hydrovactruck #hydrovactruck #tool #toolholder #pressurecleaning #pressurewashing #psi #commercialcleaning #commercialcleaningservices @Terry Rawn, Superman! @Nation @anastasiaburman @Equipment Hunters ♬ I Can't Stop (Ekali Tribute) - Flux Pavilion
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