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Former operators ourselves, we faced growing challenges in the industry – declining rates, rising truck costs, and consumable parts with shorter lifespans and higher prices. With three decades of field experience, we recognized the need for more durable products. Based in Alberta, Canada, Dig Pig Products has swiftly become the Hydrovac industry’s fastest-growing accessories manufacturer. Boasting a century of combined experience in operations and design, Dig Pig Products is the industry’s foremost innovator with long-lasting products.

What does our slogan
"Built by Operators for Operators"

The slogan conveys a user-centric approach to development, suggesting that the creators have walked in the shoes of the operators, gaining firsthand knowledge of their needs. This approach often leads to products that are more practical, user-friendly, and effective in the specific context for which they were designed. The aim is to create a solution that resonates with and directly addresses the challenges faced by operators in their daily tasks or operations.

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