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Terry Rawn - CO CEO / Chief of Sales & Marketing
Terry Rawn is a seasoned professional with an illustrious 28-year career as a Hydrovac truck operator, leaving an indelible mark across four countries like China and conquering the challenging ice roads of the Artic Circle for an extraordinary two-year period. As the visionary founder and owner of Hydrovac Nation, an online community boasting a thriving 80,000-strong following, Terry has solidified his status as a leading industry influencer. His global impact is profound as he generously imparts a wealth of knowledge and expertise to professionals worldwide. Not confined to the digital arena, Terry has lent his leadership prowess to managerial and supervisory roles in various Hydrovac companies throughout Canada. Notably, Terry's fingerprints are on the growth and product design initiatives of Tornado Global Hydrovacs, playing a key role in their international expansion. Formerly recognized as the co-owner of Equipment Hunters, Terry played pivotal roles as manager, lead sales, and marketing, ultimately parting ways with the venture in early 2023 to pursue his true passion. A prolific writer, Terry has penned numerous articles for various industry-related magazines and publications, dedicated to propelling the Hydrovac industry forward. His home base is in Stettler, Alberta, Canada, where he earned the well-deserved title of Business Leader of the Year in 2023. In a strategic move aligning with his passion, Terry co-founded Dig Pig Products Inc., a venture focused on manufacturing patent ideas. In his capacity as co-owner, he serves as the lead sales representative, co-manager, and head of marketing, showcasing a versatile skill set and unwavering dedication to the industry he has ardently served for nearly three decades. Terry Rawn remains an emblem of expertise, vision, and commitment, leaving an enduring legacy in the Hydrovac and manufacturing realms. Beyond his professional endeavors, Terry is actively engaging with numerous charitable organizations, he exemplifies a steadfast commitment to giving back to the community.
Cal Rajewski - Co CEO / Designer
Cal Rajewski's journey in the oil and gas industry is a testament to his passion for innovation and commitment to advancing technologies. Born and raised with a strong work ethic, Cal graduated from Stettler High School in 1997 and immediately set his sights on a career in the oil and gas sector. In the formative years of his career, Cal joined Tornado Technologies Inc., marking the beginning of his hands-on training in the industry. His dedication and curiosity quickly propelled him into the heart of research and development, where he became intimately involved in shaping various products, ranging from flare stacks to hydro excavation trucks. One of Cal's significant contributions during his tenure at Tornado was his role as a draftsman on the original Tornado Hydrovac, where he played a pivotal role in refining the design and functionality of the equipment. His relentless pursuit of improvement saw him rise through the ranks, ultimately leading the research and development department at Tornado. Under Cal's leadership, the Tornado Hydrovac underwent transformative upgrades, including a transfer case-driven blower, hydrostatic-driven water pump, top-mounted boom, and enhancements to the dumping system. These innovations not only improved the efficiency of the equipment but also caught the attention of a major oilfield service company. This collaboration resulted in further enhancements, such as the addition of a van body and the development of the sloped floor tank, solidifying the Tornado truck as an industry-leading design that remains influential to this day. After Tornado's sale, Cal's journey continued at Prism, where he took on the role of President. Undeterred by new challenges, he spearheaded the development of a groundbreaking air-assisted flare tip, addressing limitations in existing designs. His relentless pursuit of excellence was recognized when he was awarded a US Patent on February 3, 2022, for his innovative contributions to flare tip technology. Despite his success at Prism, Cal's heart remained in the hydro excavation industry. While not directly involved, he kept the industry at the forefront of his thoughts. Currently, as the President of Prism, Cal remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of product development, exploring new concepts such as a revolutionary turbo nozzle for the hydro excavation industry.
Bob Rajewski - Co CEO / Inventor
Bob Rajewski is a distinguished figure renowned for his groundbreaking contributions to the oil and gas industry, as well as his innovative impact on the water and vacuum sectors. His legacy is deeply intertwined with his iconic role in Hydrovac truck design, where he achieved unparalleled success. In 1996, Bob achieved a milestone by conceptualizing and creating the first-ever what is known today as Tornado Hydrovac, revolutionizing the industry with its cutting-edge design and efficiency. As an inventor and visionary, Bob's ingenuity didn't stop at the creation of what is known today as Tornado Hydrovac. His inventive spirit propelled him to establish his own company, which quickly became a trailblazer in the field. Under his leadership, the company experienced significant growth and success. Recognizing the potential of his creations, Bob made a strategic decision to sell the company in 2006, solidifying his status as a forward-thinking entrepreneur and industry influencer. Bob Rajewski's impact on the Hydrovac industry remains indelible, and his contributions have set a benchmark for innovation and excellence. His journey showcases not only a profound understanding of the industry's intricacies but also an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the oil and gas, water, and vacuum sectors.
yvelle SIsco - Finance Controller
Yvelle Sisco, a seasoned financial strategist, holds a prominent position as the Finance Controller at Dig Pig Products, where her astute leadership and financial acumen drive the company's fiscal success. With an extensive background in finance and a proven track record, Yvelle has become an integral force in shaping Dig Pig Products' financial landscape. Her past history's working for Tornado Globe Hydrovacs for over 10 years. In her lead role, Yvelle orchestrates financial strategies that align with the company's overarching goals, ensuring fiscal responsibility and sustainability. Her keen analytical skills and meticulous attention to detail have streamlined financial processes, contributing to Dig Pig Products' reputation for sound financial management. Yvelle's ability to navigate complex financial landscapes and implement innovative financial solutions demonstrates her commitment to fostering the company's growth and prosperity. Beyond her financial expertise, Yvelle plays a pivotal role in cross-functional collaboration, aligning financial goals with broader business objectives. Her strategic vision and dedication to excellence position her as a cornerstone of Dig Pig Products' success in the dynamic business landscape. Yvelle Sisco stands as a testament to the impact that a proficient Finance Controller can have on an organization's financial health and overall prosperity.
Anastasia burman - Lead Purchaser
Anastasia Burman is a seasoned professional with a remarkable career spanning various sectors, showcasing her versatility and exceptional leadership skills. With a solid foundation built over 15 years at the Bank of Nova Scotia, she excelled in roles such as Senior Administrator, Event Coordinator, and Project Manager. Anastasia's organizational skills have shone through as she meticulously orchestrated all special events, fundraisers, and celebrations for Calgary and its surrounding areas. Her five-year tenure as a Cash Management Specialist at BMO further exemplified her dedication to optimizing banking operations. Later in her career, Anastasia demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to community engagement. She co-assisted in the development of Hydrovac Nation, contributing to its growth as a prominent platform within the industry. Additionally, her involvement in the startup of Dig Pig Products showcased her ability to navigate the challenges of launching a new venture successfully. Anastasia's multifaceted expertise, from banking to entrepreneurship, underscores her resilience, adaptability, and continuous pursuit of excellence throughout her career.
Melissa Hembroff - Client Success Manager
Melissa Hembroff stands out as a consummate professional in her role as a Client Success Manager, bringing a wealth of expertise and dedication to her work. With a distinguished career focused on client relations, Melissa has honed her skills to deliver unparalleled service and foster enduring relationships. Her ability to understand the unique needs of clients and meticulously tailor solutions has not only solidified her reputation but has also contributed significantly to the success of the organizations she has served. In her current capacity as a Client Success Manager, Melissa's commitment to excellence shines through as she goes above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction. Her adept communication skills and proactive approach to problem-solving make her a trusted advocate for clients, positioning her as a pivotal asset in driving business success. Melissa Hembroff's unwavering dedication to client success, coupled with her impressive track record, exemplifies her as a standout professional in the realm of client management, leaving an indelible mark on every organization she touches.
Shyla Wright - Shipping & Receiving
Shyla Wright is a consummate professional with an impressive track record in the realm of shipping and receiving, contributing significantly to the success of Dig Pig Products. With a keen eye for logistics and a commitment to efficiency, Shyla has played a pivotal role in ensuring seamless operations within the company's supply chain. Her attention to detail and organizational prowess have not only optimized shipping processes but have also been instrumental in maintaining a smooth flow of products, essential to Dig Pig Products' reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction. Shyla's dedication to excellence extends beyond her role in shipping and receiving, as she actively engages in fostering a collaborative and goal-oriented work environment. Her commitment to precision and her ability to adapt to dynamic challenges underscore her value to the Dig Pig Products team. Shyla Wright's unwavering work ethic, coupled with her integral role in the logistics domain, exemplifies her as a key contributor to the success and operational efficiency of Dig Pig Products.
Kenneth Rawn - Senior Assembly / Product Testing
Kenneth Rawn is a dedicated professional with two decades of extensive experience as a Hydrovac operator, contributing significantly to the growth and success of various companies across Canada. His journey in the field has been marked by a wealth of hands-on expertise, making him a seasoned veteran in the industry. Currently, Kenneth has transitioned into a pivotal role as the Lead Product Tester and the Head of the Assembly Department at Dig Pig Products, where his leadership and technical abilities contribute to the company's continued innovation and excellence. Known for his dedication to quality assurance and efficient assembly processes, Kenneth brings a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record, making him an invaluable asset to Dig Pig Products and a respected figure in the Hydrovac industry.
Jody Godbersen - Quality Control
Jody Godbersen stands as a formidable professional at the forefront of Dig Pig Products, serving as the driving force behind the Quality Control Department. With an unwavering commitment to ensuring the highest standards of excellence, Jody has become an indispensable figure in the company's pursuit of quality and precision. His meticulous attention to detail and a keen understanding of quality assurance principles have not only fortified the reputation of Dig Pig Products but have also played a pivotal role in elevating the overall customer satisfaction. In his role as a leader in the Quality Control Department, Jody has implemented robust processes and protocols, ensuring that every product leaving Dig Pig Products meets and exceeds industry benchmarks. His dedication to continuous improvement has cultivated a culture of excellence within the department, driving innovation and efficiency. Jody Godbersen's exemplary leadership in quality control showcases her as a key contributor to Dig Pig Products' success, reflecting his commitment to maintaining the highest standards in every aspect of the company's operations.
Shaik Chowdry - lead Marketing & Digital Manager
Meet Shaik Chowdry, our Head of Media at Dig Pig! With an impressive background in managing sales teams for industry giants such as Rogers and Bell, Shaik brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our dynamic crew. A proud graduate of York University, Shaik has seamlessly blended his academic knowledge with practical know-how, using his extensive experience working with clients and driving sales to establish himself as the owner of HQC Toronto Inc. This marketing firm specializes in a myriad of services, including web design, SEO, social media management, and much more. Shaik's journey from a seasoned professional in the telecommunications sector to a successful entrepreneur demonstrates his versatility and commitment to excellence. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to create innovative solutions for clients, propelling HQC Toronto Inc. to the forefront of the industry. Now, as a valuable member of the Dig Pig team, Shaik and HQC toronto assist us as our Head of Media, leveraging his talents and skills to elevate our media strategies to new heights. With a keen eye for effective marketing and a track record of success, Shaik is instrumental in shaping the media landscape for Dig Pig and ensuring our clients receive cutting-edge solutions tailored to their needs. Join us in welcoming Shaik Chowdry to the Dig Pig family, where his passion for media and dedication to driving results continue to make a lasting impact on our team and clients alike.
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