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Just wanted to let u know we purchased a silencer head and my guys used it for the first time today and, man, it’s a bad dude. Almost doubled production and customers are damn near skipping around the location, so happy. Thanks for a great product and we’ll definitely be ordering more products from y’all!!

– Cody Sullivan (Mike Walters Specialty Services, LLC)

I’ve used every single tip there is out here and I’ve never seen one eat frost like this, it’s absolute craziness! And now that we’re done winter and heading into the summer months…I did some pretty heavy clay the other day and it seemed to move it just fine. The game changer with this tip is the lack of vibration in the wand. That is HUGE after doing this for many, many years ad your shoulders and hands can take quite a beating. The no vibration thing for me is HUGE. I can’t wit to see the new products that they got coming out.

– Roland Garbutt 

All in all, we have a game changer here. This nozzle combines the safety of a rotator, with the cutting capability of a straight tip all in one. With low pressure it out-digs it competition, on high-pressure 3500psi +, well let’s just say you’re going to get mud on your face but your job will be done with less time. Going through shale is like a hot knife through butter, in dense clay, that most would struggle to eat, this tip is not even fazed. You will get dirty don’t let me fool you and that truly comes down to your dig style and the pressures used. I do not recommend beating on this tip as you could cause a failure but don’t be afraid to knock something loose.

The wand…ahhh the wand. Not only does it look cool in your rig and on the site, but she is truly lightweight with higher strength so if you are the kind of guy to use it as a pry bar…well you have a bit more heave before she molds to that new curve. I think the best part about all of this new kit is the harmonics. Not only is it quiet…but it’s soft on the hands as well…and I mean very little to no vibration.

I’m not tingly after I use it for a long period of time as with other devices.

I am truly happy that I got my hands on this kit as it is my new go-to for digging regardless of what I’m doing. It’s all in the pressure.

**Side note** With the right heat it will eat asphalt like no other. All videos are at 2000psi or less.

– Bradly Bags (Hydrovac Nation)

Well, I don’t post a whole bunch. But I have to give a huge shout-out to DIG PIG Products Terry Rawn after a week long trial and not just a take out of the box and praise it to the high heavens just to pump your tires. A real test in some of the most frozen hardest ground in this bald-ass Prairie. Don’t just take this fine tool out of the box and think it’s going to shoot rainbows and laser beams and make you the best operator in the world. Test it. Compare it.

This well-engineered spectacle is in a league of its own. It’s like a single jet on steroids. The heat you can use and the way it performs is kind of mind-blowing. It has a learning curve. At first, it brought me back to my first day of digging water flying, and soaking. Wasn’t sure if it was what I thought it was going to be. But I stuck with it and gave it the respect it deserved, and it far exceeded my expectations. This is my favorite tool now. The longevity that I think this nozzle will have along with its superior penetration and I mean big penetration sure helps when you got to get ahead of that crew nipping at your heels.

Make sure you buy that splash guard as well. I didn’t. I regretted it when I first fired it up. Lol. Thought those are only for the weak. well, I must be weak. I have it coming now. Lol. And just like any new nozzle. Play with it. Learn what it can do. You will have to relearn some techniques, but you will never regret buying this thing. The no vibration is God’s blessing to my old hands. The lack of noise is a blessing to my old Hydrovac ears. And the long life will pay off in your pocket. And to close.

This spectacle is not just some cookie-cutter nozzle like most of the rest which is built to drain your pocket and last just long to get the job done. This thing was built with the love of the art by one of our own, and built with years of experience knowing what we face every day and built to outlast everything and outperform everything. This hog of a tool will ride in my rig till I hang up the boot.

Joe Cusick (Hydrovac Nation)

Got one last week to test out. Won’t go back to other nozzles for the extra $200 it’s worth it over having to rebuild others every 4 months.

– Jon Bernett 

“I got the chance to try out the Silencer and was really impressed with it’s performance. There is little to no vibration, it moved a lot of material in a very short time, and it was extremely rocky, but this nozzle just didn’t slow down.

Week 2 with the Silencer Nozzle, made by Dig Pig products, and I will not lie, at the end of last week I beat the $#!? out of this nozzle, just to see how tough it really is. Just so we are clear, I know that’s not what we do, however I was asked to put it through the ringer, so I did. Not even a scratch on the casing and it’s still working like a champ. I’ve got no complaints!”

– Stacey Kowalski

I want to say that I’ve used many and probably all the different nozzles in the industry, I’ve worked through all types of hard grounds, and I will go out and say I have not used anything close to the workability of the Silencer nozzle when digging in different types of soil. We recently worked on a large project with multiple trucks and we’ve all had a comparable experience with the Silencer. I and co-workers have dug faster and completed double the number of holes (utility locates) to everyone else’s locate holes plus less water used to dig the holes (e.g. 12 locates to 6 six locates). When it comes to safety, the one note I’d like to make about the Silencer is that I can actually sleep throughout the night for the first time due to such minimal to nonexistent vibration while working with the Silencer throughout the day. Throughout the years using other turbo nozzles has created so many long-term injuries in my hands arms and shoulders. This thing is a godsend for somebody who knows what’s like to have numb fingers or their shoulders ache from working those long hours with traditional turbo nozzles. I’ve used this thing constantly since I got it and I haven’t looked back and used another one since putting this on the end of my lance. I will say that in comparison to others, in terms of quality and longevity, I know a few others in the field who have gone through several nozzles and repair kits for their nozzle compared to me using the same Silencer nozzle from Dig Pig day after day without even a worry that it may fail or the insides melt due to heat in this cold winter where I’m working. The other nozzles that we were using ran at 60° hot water and the internals would melt or blow apart. The Dig Pig Silencer runs constantly at max temp with no problems and cuts through frost faster.

I would say Dig Pig is a winner.

Thank you, Dig Pig Products, for making a fabulous nozzle for the people in our industry.

Again, it’s a joy to be able to sleep all night and work all day without any pain or discomfort.

– Ian Swick 

The Silencers reviews are great but the wand is even better than they say! I recently bought a 10gpm silencer, 5 foot wand and a handle. Completed my first job with it yesterday and something needs to be said about the vibration….there is none! My hands are quite thankful I got this wand , cuts real nice too but the handle is a game changer ! Thank you Terry Rawn for your contribution to a better hydrovac experience

Will definitely recommend doing business with dig pig in the future.

– Jesse James

The pictures don’t do the silencer justice but Dig Pig Products, you built an amazing product! No other nozzle could touched the rock and would have had a tough time with the thick shale and sandstone. Tried the Silencer this morning and wow! It went through that hard crap like butter! Beyond impressed! Can’t imagine what it would do with normal groundskeeper up the good work brother!

– Harley Hill

The Dig Pig Silencer is amazing! It has worked steady for 8 months to the day. We had lots of 60 degree water use cutting up fillcrete and close to a thousand yards of dirt and the only thing that failed was the carbide in the housing which Dig Pig Products was very happy to replace.

If u ain’t got one yet do your self a favor and try one your hands will thank you and so will the clients!

– Paula and Mike (Hydrovac Nation)

After a full week and a couple beers, here’s my opinion on the silencer from DIG PIG Products . When I started in 2005 all I had on my truck was a triple jet and a straight tip. I learned quickly.

I heard the silencer described as a straight tip on steroids and it is way better and faster. The cone is forgiving enough that if you cut properly you can avoid most splash back. The heat tolerance is UNVELIEVABLE. it cuts deeper and straighter than ANY other tip I’ve used. Like the physics say , water consumption and production is totally dependent on the operator. I find I can get 2x as much done with the same water as any other 5 gal nozzle. And the cover maintains its color and vibrancy which to lots may mean nothing but when you can see that tip in 30 below and a hole full of steam it means a lot. All I can say is Dig Pig Products, I hope my old ass is still cutting when you release the rest of the arsenal . All in all I love this tip. No Complaints AT ALL. I can’t wait to come visit the production facility. Thanks again Dig Pig Products Inc DIG!

Jeffrey Leigh Artemenko

So I’ve been using the silencer for around 6 months and I can say it’s out digs the competition by far. I’ve jammed this thing into the ground, used it as a hammer, I leave it sitting in the mud while the waters off and i haven’t had any issues. Currently exposing a gas main that has been drilled through the ground and it’s the only spinner that actually chews up this hard clay. Would 100% recommend this spinner to anyone digging hard ground or soft ground its a very versatile piece of equipment that every Hydrovac truck needs. It’s very rare that I find myself using anything else.

– Brandon Kazakoff  Westcoast Hydrovac 

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